Friday, April 11, 2008

Well played, Thursday.

You guys, I need to tell you about my day yesterday, because it was amazingly gorgeous and ridiculously warm outside. I'm talking, epic levels of nice weather. So it automatically put me in a great mood, and the rest of the day just followed suit. It consisted of many highly enjoyable activities, including (but not limited to):

- Lying in the little park by my office during lunch, drinking a milkshake and reading my book while I soaked up the sunshine.

- Licensing songs for the upcoming season of So You Think You Can Dance.

- Walking the 50 blocks from my office to Lincoln Square for Institute just so I could spend more time outside, rocking out to Feist on my iPod and stopping for some delectable sushi along the way.

- Watching the eagerly anticipated return of The Office with a group of people after a leisurely stroll up the Upper West Side.

- Trash-talking and then failing to live up to my own hype at several rounds of Rock Band (but whatever, I hadn't played since Christmas, and I was on drums which is like the hardest one anyway).

- Being ridden home on the back of my friend's bicycle junior-high-style through the streets of my 'hood.

Too bad the joy was fleeting - today it was foggy and drizzling. But I'm not crying. It's just been raining on my face.


  1. hmm it's been pretty warm here for a while. apparently it's supposed to get to about 80 degrees here today. poor laura. mwahaha. don't worry, you can laugh this summer when i'm boiling in 100 degree weather...or hotter.

    50 blocks eh? were you counting?

  2. Yeah, I'm guessing Arizona is not QUITE as frigid as it's been here, but you win some, you lose some.

    Also, it's not too hard to keep track of how far you've walked when the streets are laid out like a grid and numbered. ;) I started at 15th street and ended at 68th, so it's really just about the math...

  3. haha well of course...gridded streets. silly me.



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