Sunday, April 6, 2008

Saturday is a special day.

The other night as I stood waiting for the elevator in my building when I got home from work, I spied a copy of Us Weekly sitting on the shelf by the mailboxes. I eyed it, thinking, "I wonder if anyone would notice if I just took-- HEY it has my name on it!" My subscription had come, and I was excited. (Look, don't judge me. It was $9 for the year, what was I supposed to do?)

Anyway, yesterday was a fantastically pleasant day. I wish I could say it started with a run in Central Park, but stupid had informed me of alleged "AM showers" so I decided I might as well sleep in before General Conference. When I woke up at 9:30, I looked outside and the sky was a gorgeous blue (the horror!). A quick look at my laptop confirmed that it was 55 DEGREES outside, and was supposed to get up to 60s that afternoon. I grumbled a bit about missing out on such fine running conditions, but my mood quickly improved over breakfast when I discovered my new favorite show: Dogs With Jobs. It's on the National Geographic channel, and combines two of my favorite things - dogs, and acts of heroism.

Since we don't get the BYU channel, my roommate Megan and I decided to go to the Union Square chapel to watch Conference. In between sessions we wandered around the Village (someday I will make enough money to live down there - it's adorable) and ate at a cute little Italian restaurant, which was delicious. We went back for the second session at 4, and afterwards caught a 7pm showing of Leatherheads, which was delightful (though to be honest, without George Clooney and John Krasinski it would've been only okay). The theatre we were in was cool too, one of those huge olde tyme ones with a balcony, which is where we sat. We then stopped at Magnolia Bakery to pick up a slice of carrot cake and a mini-cheesecake, and headed home (Becca and Allison, I introduced Megan to Harry Potter Guessing Game. Also, I think I use parentheses too frequently...) to watch an episode of Alias whilst we enjoyed our delicious treats.

All in all, not a bad way to spend a day.


  1. You do know that you can watch conference online at No need to leave the home unless you actually feel like dressing up and going to a chapel to watch.

  2. It sounds like it was a solid day.

  3. Heh, yes I'm actually watching it online today, but we'd planned on going to lunch and frolicking in the Village in between sessions, because we thought it would be fun (and it was).

  4. I haven't gotten my US weekly yet! Argh!! And thanks for that link, I am definitely going now!!

  5. hm. the only thing your day was missing is me.

  6. Sounds divine. And for the record, dog shows on Nat Geo are my fav! I am going to start a program this summer to train to be a dog trainer, which should definitely be awesome!!



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