Monday, April 14, 2008


On Saturday I ran the entire loop around Central Park - 6.3 miles (the first time I only made it about 4.5 before walking the rest). And while I know of at least one marathon runner who reads my blog, for me this was quite an accomplishment. I would like to dedicate my success to one Kanye West, whose inspiring anthem "Gold Digger" ("We want prenup! Yeeeeeah!") helped me to conquer Heartbreak Hill.


  1. laura! victory indeed! i'm so proud! that hill looks killer, and i kind of want to run it! i really really really really want to come to new york to run with you!! it must be so beautiful! does it remind you of hyde park at all?
    and um, is that marathoner...... me? :)

  2. Why of course it is you! Cutest marathon runner EVER. Also, I would LOVE for you to come run with me! And then we could do yoga afterwards. Please come visit!

    It's interesting, because in a lot of ways it does remind me of Hyde Park, with the curving paths that wind everywhere, and the fact that you sort of forget you're in a city when you're in the park. But I think Hyde Park has more in the way of expansive lawns and gardens, although so far I've only seen Central Park in the dead of winter so maybe that will change!

  3. Hey Laura! Gold Digger has gotten me through a few runs as well. Its the only KW song I have. keep up the running. Eric R.



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