Tuesday, May 12, 2009


As I pay for my Starbucks chocolate creme frappuccino, I notice the young male cashier looking at me intently.

"I'm gonna say something to you," he says, smiling.


"You know who you look like, right?"

"No, who?" I reply, racking my brain for redheaded celebrities. Does he think I look like Amy Adams? Julianne Moore would be awesome. The only comparison I've ever gotten is "that girl from Orange County." This is so exciting!

"Kathy Griffin," he says triumphantly.

I stare at him. Probably sensing my lack of enthusiasm, he quickly adds, "That's a compliment! She's... really funny!"



  1. i'm really sorry.. that sucks.. because seriously, she ISN'T that funny. kinda mean. you are definitely not mean, and lets be honest, I think you are super hot. SERIOUSLY.

  2. Um, you do NOT look like her! I even just googled her to really get a good picture in my mind, and there is seriously no resemblance. I'm sure all he noticed was your hair. Most guys are like that. Sometimes Rob will say someone looks like someone else and they don't look AT ALL alike, but it's because he notices one obvious feature. So don't worry, you don't look like her. You are sexy and hilarious, and she is not.

  3. That's a good thing because she's funny??? Hmmm. Okay...that's not the best "save".

    you should do this...http://celebrity.myheritage.com/celebrity-face-recognition
    And then let us know who it says!
    Let's see who he really should have said.

  4. I actually think she's pretty good-looking, but you don't look like her. You look like some other good-looking celebrity that I can't think of at the moment.



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