Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Most people don't know that I actually have four sisters. Okay, so one of them isn't actually my "biological" sister, if you want to bother with technicalities like that, but she has been my best friend for 20 years. So I think the honorary title is deserved.

Krissy's family moved in next door when I was five years old, and most of my favorite memories involve her and Becca and our ridiculous shenanigans. The bedroom I shared with Becca faced Krissy's across our respective side yards, and we spent countless nights shouting to each other through our windows, discussing plans and sharing secrets that surely the rest of the neighborhood found fascinating.

The three of us spent summers playing kick the can with our siblings and neighbor kids in the street. We dedicated sleepover time to developing stories about the ghost that haunted Krissy's house (trust me). We choreographed dance routines and made embarassing home videos that will come back to haunt us when we're famous. We went to midnight releases of Harry Potter books and movies. We talked endlessly about how weird it would be when we were grownups, and the trio of connected houses we would (WILL) live in someday.

Today she turns 23. And while I'm not sure our younger selves could ever have fathomed being even this old, I'm looking forward to 50 more years of shenanigans to come. Happy Birthday, Keesy!


  1. Me, Allison, Becca and Krissy...who's the fifth? Did Dad confide let slip about his indiscretion? Oh THIS is awkward.

  2. Ha! Whoops. I guess I was just thinking of Doov's feminine side.

  3. Uh... I'm the fifth!

    Happy Birthday to my other daughter.

  4. You and Becca are much prettier now than you were in that hilarious first picture!

  5. Aw I love you!! So lucky to have my non-technical sisters.. Not sure how I would have turned out without you.. Still looking forward to those connecting houses. Going to be the coolest joint houses ever. EVER. Can't wait to see you for some HP time!! love you!



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