Sunday, May 3, 2009


Whenever I try to explain the hair color composition of my family to people, I have to emphasize that my oldest sister is a REDhead. "But you're a redhead, too," people say. I know, but her hair is RED red. Which pretty much encompasses everything that Sarah's about. She doesn't really do things halfway. She's loud and outgoing and has an opinion about everything. She shows great enthusiasm for what's going on in your life, whether it's getting excited about your upcoming study abroad or coming up with colorful verbal abuse for a boy who's just dumped you. Sarah's the kind of person you want in your corner, because she'll always be there cheering you on (and maybe throwing some of the punches when you're not up for it). I often find myself missing the three months I spent living with her and her family--we had a grand time going to the gym together, watching trashy television, discussing boys (that was mostly me), and of course eating delicious food. I wish I could be there today to celebrate her birthday, but I hope her day is fabulous. Knowing Sarah, it really couldn't be otherwise. Happy Birthday!


  1. So much love! I wish you were here to see the array of cakes, tarts, bar cookies and rice crispy treats I've been given. I'm going to go stick my face in some just for you.

  2. So glad that you found me! I believe on our first date we figured out that I moved in shortly after he moved out of 121st ward. Crazy!



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