Thursday, May 28, 2009


I remember having a conversation with Allison once where she joked that the reason she and Dave got married was because no one else would "get" either of them. While that may be true, it's great to be around them and see how much fun they have together. Dave shares Allison's mellowness (it's a word) and love of being silly. He can seem quiet and reserved but also has a weird sense of humor that presents itself at opportune (and inopportune) moments, with hilarious results. Dave made me grits the first time I met him, and though I may have never eaten them again since that time, I've always found him to be an excellent addition to our family. Happy Birthday, Southern Dave!


  1. Is it everyone in your family's birthday right now?

  2. Yes, Marisa, out of 14 family members, only 4 have birthdays outside of the window between March 13 and June 5.



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