Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The little things.

Yesterday was the Best Day Ever. I mean, that may be overstating things a bit, but I am easily amused. Some of the things that amused me:

- It snowed on my way to work. Sometimes this would be annoying, but I enjoyed it. First, it was actually a warmer morning than we've had lately. Plus, it was just a nice light snow, so it looked pretty without flying in my face and making me angry.

- I drafted a letter to Stevie Wonder at work. He goes by "Steveland Morris" in case you were wondering.

- The refrigerator in the kitchen at work is always well-stocked with: bottled water, Sprite/Diet Sprite, Coke/Diet Coke, Pepsi/Diet Pepsi, and milk (?). Yesterday A&W Root Beer made its debut as well. I've actually developed quite a cordial relationship with Diet Coke recently (I never used to like Coke or Pepsi), but RB is my all-time favorite. So for lunch I had a can with my leftovers from the delicious pasta I made this weekend (more on that later). It was awesome.

- Bradley Whitford called to inform me that as a registered Independent, I was eligible to vote in the Democratic primary by filling out some form or other. Too bad I'm registered in California, Bradley. Good effort though!

I decided recently that I want to be more creative with my cooking. In college, unless I was cooking for other people, I usually just relied on a couple of staples (as former roommates can attest): tortellini with sauce, chicken and vegetables, or the ever-popular quesadilla. I was usually too lazy to bother with anything else. But here, since I have to shop often anyway (sadly, I can't just load up my trunk with groceries every two weeks like I did in Provo), I can vary what I buy and try out new recipes. I made a pasta recipe this weekend that turned out quite well, with bacon, spinach, and tomatoes (and really, what recipe can go wrong if it includes bacon?). Tonight I'll be making curry couscous, one of my new favorite dinners that Sarah would make when I was living there. Basically, the point of telling you all of this is to say that if you have any really good recipes that aren't terribly complex (even with the progress I've made, I'm still not about to spend a ton of time on dinner for just myself), send them on over.

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