Tuesday, February 19, 2008


That exclamation from a young lady as we entered the arena pretty much sums up my night. It was jam-packed with sparkly costumes, supergay backup dancers, and about 10,000 14-year-old girls dressed like prostitutes. It was amazing. (Did I mention we were in the fourth row? We were in the fourth row. Our tickets were worth $150 EACH.)

If you want to see pictures (and I know you do, Dad), I posted some on Facebook. I say "some" because I actually took about 60. I figured it would be best to just go with a sampling.


  1. OH - so THAT'S what that picture was of. I wasn't sure, but also wasn't sure I wanted to admit I wasn't sure. Now that I know, I'm sure I do want to admit I wasn't sure. Did YOU wear something sparkly?

  2. Being a supergay backup dancer to the Spice Girls is like number four on my Bucket List. Someday I shall live my dream.


  3. Yeah, what did YOU wear?! I'm so jealous you can hardly imagine. I was Posh Spice for Halloween (my friends were the other Spices, of course) in eighth grade. And even now I more or less have her haircut...I'm not sure what that means.



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