Thursday, April 16, 2009

Conditions are perfect.

Last night I attended my second Flight of the Conchords concert. While I don't think anything can top the amazing events of last year's show, it was an awesome night and we had a fabulous time.

My date for the night was my friend Greg. Thanks to his Halloween costume, he conveniently had a Bret sweater to wear to the show. Please note that our seats were 5th row center. Radio City is huge, and we kept joking about how we were going to have to get water bottles and take breaks for our hike all the way to the front of the venue. After the show we turned around, and the actors who play Mel's husband and Todd (from the Crazy Dogggz) were about 4 rows behind us. They are on the show, and their seats weren't even as good as ours.

Kristen Schaal opened with some stand-up, and was very weird but funny. She was rocking some sparkly gold shorts that I really want.

During the first song, Bret was playing a red toy piano, and near the end he knocked the stool it was on and it fell and broke. Jemaine started laughing and said, "I guess that's the end of the song." A crew guy ran out to replace it with another one, and Jemaine was like, "Yis, we spared no expense on the budget for tiny pianos." The keys from the first one were all over the stage, and they would periodically pick them up and throw them into the audience.

Their banter between songs was, of course, hilarious. They also had great interaction with the audience. At one point someone shouted out "Where's Murray?" and we got this exchange:

Jemaine: Murray is a fictional character. What you should have asked was something like, "Where is the actor, Rhys Darby, who portrays Murray on your show?" And the answer would be, "In Auckland, New Zealand."

Bret: Maybe you should go and find him. Go stand outside his house and yell "band meeting!" It'll be like a secret joke between you and him. Don't tell anyone else I told you.

Jemaine [after someone yelled out "Where's Dave?"]: Stop asking for the whereabouts of all the people we know! How would you like me to shout at you and be like, "Hey, where is your... niece?"

And then when some guy kept trying to yell stuff to them...

Jemaine: You can't just try to have a conversation with us when we're here on the stage. Have you ever been to a show before?

Bret: Stop shouting at us! Have you any idea how ridiculous your voice sounds? You sound like an angry muppet!

Jemaine playing a little xylophone on "If You're Into It."

Anyway, it was a great night!

EDIT: At the advice of my attorney, I have removed a hilarious video that may or may not have been recorded by someone of the redheaded persuasion at the aforementioned concert. If such a video does, in fact, exist and if a person were at all interested in viewing it, said person would be welcome to contact me and I might be able to provide that person with the means to enjoy such a hypothetical video. In theory.


  1. Amy and Lindi are going to their show in Denver. Why is everyone cool but me? :)

  2. Filthy! I want that video. If, hypothetically speaking, you have one. Did I mention that's like my all-time favorite show now that I have cable? Bryce and I, and occasionally Steve, sit around and laugh during that hilarious comedy.
    I am happy to be reading your blog today by the way. And: Miss you.



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