Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Eating my feelings.

Well you guys, it's been a day. I won't bore you with the details, but among taxes and other financial drama I managed to make of myself a tightly wound ball of stress. And an unwelcome twist on 24 last night certainly didn't help matters. Since napping wasn't a possibility (my first choice when things aren't going my way), I opted to take comfort in food. I ate most of my coworker David's leftover fries at lunch, and happily accepted the sour candies that Bridget brought around in the afternoon. I had some leftover chocolate cake from Easter waiting at home, and this afternoon I announced to Brian that I was going to eat it for dinner because of my mood. "Weren't you talking about how you were going to do that anyway?" he asked.

Which was technically true. But not the point.

Thankfully, most of the stuff has been resolved. And let me tell you, I have never been so happy to discover my own mistake as when I was staring at those tax forms. Now I can relax a little and look forward to the good things on the horizon. Like the fact that I'll be in the fifth row at the Flight of the Conchords show tomorrow night at Radio City. Or the trip I just booked to visit a crazy blonde child in North Carolina for Memorial Day. Or the fabulous Disney World family vacation my parents are taking us on in August. All of which are even better than chocolate cake.

I still had it for dinner anyway.


  1. i mean, i know it was a long facebook message, but i didn't mean to stress you out. ha ha but chocolate cake is totally worth it.

  2. wtf, Tony???? honestly, i about died. i couldn't make full sentences for a good twenty minutes after the show ended...

    i just noticed you're reading The Book Thief: do you love it? I LOVED it.

    also, three cheers for chocolate cake.

  3. Forget the chocolate cake, three cheers for Disney World. I LOVE that place!! I have a little monorail car sitting on my desk here at work!

    Do they have a Maggie Moos ice cream parlor in the big city? They're giving away free ice cream today to celebrate(?) tax day. I'll be there this afternoon (and hoping they have their chai ice cream)

  4. I don't need an excuse to eat chocolate cake for dinner. It's yum.



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