Friday, April 24, 2009


Last weekend: Ate lunch outside in the sunshine. Took a Friday afternoon work break and discovered both the amazing gelato place downstairs (how have I worked here over a year and am just trying it now?) and the cute Italian guy who works there. Saw 17 Again with the girls and was only slightly ashamed that I loved it. Went for a lovely 7-mile run along the Hudson River. Ate taco salad. Spent Sunday evening lounging in the park, reading and enjoying this view:

This weekend: More outdoor lunch-eating. Definitely more gelato (and cute Italian guys). Helping throw a bridal shower. Spending quality time with the always-delightful Jill B., who's in town for a few days. Brooklyn pizzerias. Manhattan burger joints. Possibly some donut-flavored frozen yogurt. And the forecasted days of sunshine and 80 (!) degree weather mean that some serious park-frolicking is gonna go down. I think I speak for everyone here in the Northeast when I say, "Hello, Spring. So nice of you to join us."

What are your plans?


  1. This sounds lovely. Especially the part including JB. So jealous. I will be doing homework, so you have enough fun for the both of us, ok?

  2. My weekend plans: go out to dinner with friends, enjoy lovely weather, perhaps visit the largest home in the US, eat lots of candy, tri tip, and chocolate delight, turn 30, and, of course, count down the days until your visit.

    Good times.

  3. Well, I don't know if this sounds fun to anyone, but our plans are to go on an 80 mile bike ride!



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